Portrait Shoot With William


"Will is father of a wild, red-headed four year-old, Senior Associate at Jackson & Connor, a graduate student, an artist, and occasionally a musician. He grew up mostly in Rochester, NY and the tiniest bit in Milwaukee, WI before coming to Western Massachusetts for far too much schooling. He lives in Easthampton with his partner and daughter, and likes to wear a tie every day."

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Portrait Shoot with Clay


"Clay has a few degrees in engineering under his belt, but still takes his sweet time to stop, smell the roses, and see some art along the way.  Being technically creative is his superpower, where's his cape when he needs it?!?"

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Portrait Project Shoot with Marietta


"Marietta is a Body Mind Psychotherapist in Northampton who moved recently from the sunshine of Denver, Colorado. In conjunction with honoring the sacredness of everyday life, she appreciates hiking adventures, exploring uncharted territory, writing, collaging and singing ole folk tunes on a mountain top."

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Portrait Project Shoot With Anthony


Anthony David Jacques is an American author and freelance journalist. http://anthonydavidjacques.com/

His fiction ranges from mainstream to transgressive, and has been published both online and in print, including the 2011 collection Warmed and Bound : A Velvet Anthology and the upcoming Booked Anthology.

His first novel, Subliminal Messiah, is slated for publication later this year with Perfect Edge. 

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Portrait Project Shoot With Leandra

"Leandra is an actress with a degree in Theater from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She is constantly involved in various theater  film and photography projects and is always looking to get involved in new artistic endeavors and meet new people!"

 You can see more of her in my Free Portrait Project.

Portrait Project Shoot With Emily

"Emily is a hard working college student who likes to get a little goofy when she's not working. She pitches her tent in Longmeadow, MA; though come winter time she can be found roaming the Green Mountains of Vermont on her snowboard. She's usually behind the camera taking pictures of concerts and sports games but I was able to convince her to try being on the other side of the lens."

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Portrait Project Shoot with Laurel


"Laurel was born and raised in Western Mass, although she has traveled almost every year of her life. She is currently learning about the world of emergency medicine with the intention of becoming an EMT. During the summer she has a blast teaching young girls everything she can about horses and riding in one short week of camp. Her interests include horseback riding, aikido, dancing, reading, race car flagging, and practically everything else in the world around her."

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Portrait Project Shoot With Christian


"Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Christian now lives in Holyoke, MA and spends most of his time reading and oversleeping. When he's not outside attempting to take pictures of majestic mountaintop sunsets, you can find him supporting the local music scene where he can be seen standing in the very back of the room, slowly nodding his head to the beat." 

Christian is part of the Free Portrait Project.